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What is grass straws?

Lepironia articulata grass

“Science name Lepironia articulate grass is Leporonia articulate, this grass grows wildly throughout most of the Mekong Delta especially in acid sulfate wetland, saline areas..”

Cây cỏ bàng Việt Nam

Lepironia articulata grass has an upright body hight about1 meter, about 8 – 10mm large, so it is often harvested to make handicraft products, such as: making hats, bag,…

Grass straws drinking Vietnam

“Taking advantage of the round and hollow trunk shape inside, now Lepironia articulata grassis also used as a straw instead of plastic straw. So convenience!”


Anfa Ecovita after a period of research has come up with the best kind of grass straws with two main types: Fresh grass straws and Dried grass straws. In particular, Anfagreen’s dried grass straws are undergone through procession disinfection by UV rays, bring to the quality of grass straws to perfect, easy to store and durable for 1 year. Especially, 100% non- chemicals, also non -toxic, so it absolutely does not affect the health of consumers..

Why choose Anfagreen’s grass straws?

Made from the root part of the fresh Lepironia articulata grass with cold drying technology, UV drying, no preservatives, no toxic substances but still ensuring the quality of the straws, having glossy – pale yellow-smooth, strong body, round pipes.

Outstanding characteristics

Anfa Ecovita grass straws – Contribute to reducing plastic waste, saving costs

Proud to be a manufacturer of quality grass straws applying modern, safe and quality production technology in Vietnam.

With the criteria of providing quality straws but economical prices, Anfa Ecovita is proud to help bring cost-effective solutions for the chain of coffee and beverage chains where want to create community value.

Currently, Anfagree offers two impressive types of straws: fresh grass straws and dried grass straw with modern technology. Helping to keep the best quality, do not cause grass odor and easy to preserve, easy use for a long time.

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Let’s together to protect the environment and advance the economic efficiency of your beverage chains.


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